It is compulsory for all students to wear our Frankton School Uniform.

The purpose of our school uniform is to:

  1. Further enhance a sense of identity, pride and belonging to the community at Frankton School.
  2. Have student clothing that is functional, accessible, equitable and cost effective.  


  • Our school uniform is available for purchase at The Warehouse, The Base, Hamilton.
  • or it can be ordered online at the Schooltex website.  go to https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/c/schools/frankton-school
  • Students are permitted to wear either monogrammed black pants or plain black pants with the school polo and polar fleece.
  • Summer footwear is plain black sandals or jandals and winter footwear is plain black shoes.
  • Students are permitted to wear the original school hat however if your child needs a new hat the new uniform hat will need to be purchased. These will be available both at The Warehouse and in school.
  • The school  jacket  is an optional item only. 
  • Students are permitted to wear their KidsCan jacket.
  • There are various payment options. Please see the attached document.
  • Our uniform is unisex and in the future families will easily be able to hand down uniforms or purchase these second hand. 
    • Frankton School will receive a 10% rebate, once a year, from the uniform sales. The 10`% rebate the school receives annually will be used to build up a supply of uniforms for emergency purposes and to support learners at Frankton School across the curriculum. 

As we are a Sunsafe School our school hat must be worn by all students during Terms 1 & 4.  

Please clearly name each piece of your child's uniform.



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