Staff List

Senior Leadership Team



Mrs Kirsten Ratana


Mrs Christine Lennon





Ms Glynis Knox

ENTRANT Syndicate

Miss Ashleigh Pearson (E/Y1) Te Paa Harakeke Tahi (Team Leader) 
Mrs Neska Steenekamp (E/Y1) Te Paa Harakeke Tahi
Ms Liarna Slade (E/Y1) Te Paa Harakeke Tahi
Mrs Sonja Inglis (E/Y1) Rm 28
Ms Izzy Bensaad (E/Y1) Rm 29

JUNIOR Syndicates

Mrs Katie Solomon (Y1/2) Te Paa Harakeke Rua (Team Leader Junior 1)
Mrs Karla Wiske (Y1/2) Te Paa Harakeke Rua
Mrs Kelly Pye (Y1/2) Rm 27
Miss Belinda Cowie (Y/2) Rm 20 (Team Leader Junior 2)
Ms Vickie Sue (Y2) Rm 19
Miss Tayla Hobden (Y2) Rm 21
Ms Melissa Baker (Y2) Rm 22

MIDDLE Syndicates

Nitish Kumar (Y3)  Rm 5 (Team Leader Middle 1)
Miss Rikki Mabey (Y4/5) Rm 6
Mrs Emma Williams (Y3) Rm 7
Miss Grainne Sullivan (Y2/3) Rm 8
Mrs Jo Taylor (Y4) Rm 4 (Team Leader Middle 2)
Mrs Sandi Solomon (Y4) Rm 1
Mrs Jillian Rabbit (Y3/4) Te Paa Harakeke Toru
Mr Matthew Sopers (Y3/4) Te Paa Harakeke Toru

SENIOR Syndicates

Kristen Price (Y5) Rm 16 (Team Leader Senior 1)
Ms Julie Sarjeant (Y5) Rm 15
Mrs Holly Mason (Y4/5) Te Paa Harakeke Whaa
Ms Dana Roberts (Y4/5) Te Paa Harakeke Whaa
Mrs Lee Stewart (Y6) Rm 9 (Team Leader Senior 2)
Ms Kelsey Hallahan (Y6) Rm 10 
Mr Connor Chesham (Y5/6) Rm 11
Mrs Suzie Francis (Y6) Rm 12

Part-time Teaching Staff

Mrs Prue East
Mrs Kathleen Early
Ms Louise Harris
Miss Rachael Nabbs
Mrs Catherine Peaker
Mr Francis Pye
Mr Keith Preddy

Learning Assistants 

Mrs Te Awhina Curwood
Mrs Melanie Dahren

Mrs Prue Duncan
Ms Jordyn Erueti
Ms Kerrie Goodall
Mrs Jenny Goodman
Ms Tayce Irons
Ms Heidi Lei
Ms Sarah Leilua
Mrs Vicky McNaughton
Ms Melissa Pearson
Mrs Jan Pharaoh
Ms Renee Rota
Ms Anne-Marie Scott
Mrs Gail Skomski
Ms Melanie Stewart
Mrs Maree Sweeney
Mrs Lynda Tarrant
Mrs Tania Taylor
Mrs Jennifer Thomson

Support Staff

Executive Officer -  Mrs Suzanne Daley
Administration  - Mrs Shona Hutt
Administration  - Mrs Coralie Cooper
Library Assistant  - Mrs Mary Sproul
Road Patrol  - Ms Kerrie Goodall/Mrs Prue Duncan
A.S.A. Co-ordinator  - Mrs April Pepperell, Mrs Jenny Goodman, Mrs Prue Duncan, Ms Tayce Irons, Ms Kerrie Goodall
BSP (Before School Care) - Mrs Jenny Goodman. Mrs Prue Duncan
Canteen Manager - Mrs Sally Cheung
Property Manager - Mr Murray Ivory
Assistant  - Mr Mike Auton

Frankton Primary School

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  • Office Hrs:8.00am to 4.30pm

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