Senior School Year 5\6

Senior School Teachers

Lee Stewart
Room 9
Senior Syndicate 2 Team Leader

Kelsey Hallahan
Room 10
Senior Syndicate 2

Connor Chesham
Room 11
Senior Syndicate 2

Suzie Francis
Room 12
Senior Syndicate 2

Julie Sarjeant
Rm 15
Senior Syndicate 1

Kristen Price
Room 16
Senior Syndicate 1 Team Leader

Holly Duggleby
Te Paa Harakeke Whaa
Senior Syndicate 1

Dana Roberts
Te Paa Harakeke Whaa
Senior Syndicate 1

Team Message

We expect all Year 5 and 6 students to develop strong leadership skills by providing opportunities and training to take on leadership responsibilities within the school.  

Students have greater ownership of their learning in the senior school.  They explore the expectations outlined in the curriculum by knowing the curriculum and what they need to achieve their expectations.  Using this knowledge they can identify their next learning steps to become well prepared for the challenges of Intermediate.

Programmes in the senior school focus on the skills of critical thinking and inquiry learning.  Teachers and children use the tools of ICT, including Ipads, cameras and computers to support differentiated learning within their classrooms.  A range of teaching, and grouping strategies is used within classrooms and across the syndicate to provide optimum learning conditions for all children.

All students will have the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities.  They are encouraged to join in all sports activities and work towards representing the school at inter-school events.  We welcome parent involvement in class activities.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any concerns you have, or skills you have to offer.

Senior Team

Census Info

Your registration code is : 12858 and then your class number.  Eg 1285811, 1285812

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