New Entrant\Year 1




Ashleigh Pearson
Te Paa Harakeke Tahi
Team Leader Entrant Syndicate

Liarna Slade
Te Paa Harakeke Tahi
Entrant Syndicate


Neska Steenekamp
Te Paa Harakeke Tahi
Entrant Syndicate

Izzy Bensaad
Room 29
Entrant Syndicate

Team Message

The New Entrant/Year One team is a caring and happy learning environment, where students learn through the virtues programme to develop self-confidence and independence. Students will learn to work and play together; they will make new friends, and face exciting challenges.

The focus of early learning is Literacy and Numeracy.  Students will learn the skills, the knowledge and the strategies that they need to achieve success.  They will have ownership of their learning; they will understand what they are learning and why, and they will set goals to work toward.

Students can be responsible for their learning and self -management and we will encourage them to look after their belongings and take their book bag home, so that they can practise their reading, alphabet sounds and instant sight words with your support at home.

We know that physical skills and movement are an important part of children’s learning development and overall wellness.  Students will learn and practise movement skills and they will regularly re-energise through movement in the classroom.

The teachers provide a variety of learning experiences to inspire and motivate students.  Our programmes include guided inquiry, exploration, experimentation and play to develop learning across all curriculum areas.

We have high expectations of students and we work hard to ensure that they reach their full potential. We encourage you to become involved, to work with us to ensure the best possible success foryour child.

A transition to school programme, called Jump Start, is offered, weekly on a Thursday afternoon, to all four year old children who will attend Frankton School.

New Entrant Team Teachers

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