House Points / House Colours

House Points / House Colours


  • To promote team spirit and encourage interactions among all the levels of the school as senior students role model by supporting, interacting, and encouraging their younger house members.
  • To provide further opportunities for student leadership.
  • To provide an outlet for healthy competition and an opportunity to experience different activities/sports.
  • House Points offer another avenue to practice and establish Frankton School virtues such as unity, loyalty, commitment, excellence, cooperation, courage, self-discipline, honour, inclusiveness, contributing and service.

House Captains:

  • Four House Captains will be chosen for each house, each term.
  • House captain’s job will include: organising and leading houses at school singing, organising and supporting their house at lunchtime sport and helping the teacher running lunchtime sport eg organise equipment.


  • Have been assigned to classes to ensure a balance of levels across the school including a team leader and collaborative class in each house.

How points can be earned:

Virtues Certificates: 

  • Every certificate earns one point for their house (house section on certificate must be filled in correctly).
  • 5 points for being drawn out for Friday’s assembly.
  • One certificate from each area of the school will be drawn for Hot Chocolate with Mrs Ratana.

Sports Days e.g. Cross Country, Athletics Day, Wet n Wild:

  • 1 point for every participating student
  • Extra points for top place getters
  • Bonus points for wearing house colours and showing house spirit.

Whole School Singing:

  • Bonus points for team spirit e.g. earing house colours, chant competitions etc.


  • Classroom and individual attendance awards


House Points are displayed on the house points board on the hall wall.

At the final assembly of the year the house point’s trophy/shield will be awarded to the overall winning house.

House Teams and Colours

Rm 1
Rm 5
Rm 11
Rm 15
Rm 19
Rm 28
Te Paa Harakeke Rua

Rm 8
Rm 9
Rm 16
Rm 21
Rm 31
Te Paa Harakeke Toru

Rm 4
Rm 7
Rm 10
Rm 22
Te Paa Harakeke Tahi

Rm 6
Rm 12
Rm 20
Rm 27
Rm 29
Te Paa Harakeke Whaa

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