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Enrolment Scheme

Frankton School has had an enrolment scheme in place since the end of 2011. An enrolment scheme helps prevent the school from being overcrowded.  If you live in Frankton School's 'in-zone' area you can enrol your child/children at anytime by completing the enrolment process as outlined below.

Families who live outside the home zone can only attend the school if there is a place available for them. This applies, ALSO to new students who live outside our zone but have brothers or sisters already at Frankton School. However during a ballot these students have priority.

So that effective teaching and learning can continue the Board of Trustees has decided that each term we will monitor our roll numbers closely and make a decision about how many places will be available for new students across our school. Positions for 'out of zone' students will be advertised each term for the following two terms.  This will enable future new entrant students to attend our Jump Start Programme, for one term, prior to starting school.  Our Jump Start Programme supports students with their transition to school. Details of ballot dates and application forms are listed below and can also be obtained from the school office.

If you know of anyone who is planning on enrolling at Frankton School and lives within our zone please encourage them to complete this form or contact the School Office.   Please help by letting us know of siblings who have not yet started school, even if they are in our zone. Our school office holds a register, identifying siblings intending to enrol at Frankton School through to 2021.  This helps us immensely with future planning. 

Kirsten Ratana (Principal)

In Zone Enrolment

If you live in Frankton School's in-zone area you can enrol your child/children at anytime by completing the enrolment process as outlined below.  Please visit the Out of Zone enrolments page if you do not live within Frankton School's zone.

We encourage parents/caregivers to enrol their child 12 weeks prior to their 5th birthday.   This gives them an opportunity to attend our Jump Start to School programme (see below) which happens every Thursday afternoon in a New Entrant class here at Frankton School.  It also enables you and your son/daughter to meet the Principal, Mrs Kirsten Ratana and the teachers and ask any questions you may have.  Please contact our school office for further information or to receive an information pack.

  • Parents / caregivers will be asked for verification of the enrolling child’s age. This can be a birth certificate, passport or legal document. This is a Ministry Of Education regulation. The school will take a copy of this and it will be kept in your child's file.
  • 5 year olds also need an immunisation certificate – get this from your doctor.
  • If you are a NZ resident (not a NZ citizen) you will require immigration documentation ie passport containing relevant visa information.
  • Proof of Residency– phone account / bank letter / rental agreement / purchase documents, etc

You will also be asked to provide the following information.

  • Child’s full name.
  • Parent’s/Caregiver’s full names, occupations and addresses.
  • Emergency contacts (These could be a neighbour/friend/relation who you give permission to look after your child if he/she is not able to remain at school e.g. illness, and we could not contact you).
  • Telephone numbers, home, work and cellphone
  • Details of pre-schooling/previous schooling.
  • Ethnicity  - Iwi if NZ Maori.
  • Name of family doctor and a request for permission to contact the doctor in an emergency in case of parents being unable to be contacted.
  • Significant health problems, allergies etc.

When children withdraw from the school, progress cards are retained until requested from another school, personal records may be collected by parents / caregivers if requested. The office will remove students from the electronic register when they have confirmation that the child is enrolled at another school or has left New Zealand.

Out of Zone Enrolments

If you do not live within the home zone specified in our school's enrolment scheme an application for an 'out of zone' enrolment will be subject to the selection procedure outlined in the Education Act 1989.  

The Act states that there are five priorities for enrolment.  Priority is given to students who:

  1. Meet the criteria for enrolment in an approved special programme run by the school.  Frankton School has no such programme.
  2. Meet the criteria of being a sibling of a current student.
  3. Meet the criteria of being a sibling of a former student.
  4. Meet the criteria of being a child of a former student.
  5. Meet the criteria of being a child of a BOT employee.
  6. All other students.

Prior to each ballot, the number of places available will be set by the Board of Trustees and advertised at least one month prior to the ballot.

In situations where the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available for out of zone students, selection will be by ballot.  If a ballot is required at our school, it will be supervised by a Justice of the Peace or a sworn member of the Police.

Within four days of this date, the school will send you a letter informing you of the outcome of the ballot.  If your application has been successful, you will be asked to confirm your acceptance, or rejection, of the offered place within 14 days of the date of the school's letter. If you do not respond within the 14 day period, the place will be offered to the first person on the waiting list established by the ballot.

Out of Zone Enrolment Ballot Dates for 2018/19

Details as follows:-

  • An initial ballot will be held on the 24th September, 2018 for students wishing to start school in Term 4, 2018 and Term 1, 2019.
  • The total number of places likely to be available for 2019 for, New Entrants is 20 and across the school is 10.
  • The Board of Trustees will hold further ballots for Out of Zone students on Monday 10th December, 2018, Monday 8th April, 2019 and Monday 1st July, 2019.
  • The numbers for these ballots are subject to review by the Board of Trustees.
  • The number of places available will be advertised on months prior to each ballot.

Deadline for receipt of applications:  (Applications can only be made a maximum of two terms prior to enrolment)

Ballot for intake Term 4, 2018 & Term 1, 2019
Date of Ballot 24/09/18 (Monday)
Deadline for Applications 21/09/18 (Friday) 12.00pm
Notification of Outcome 28/09/2018 (Friday)
Ballot for intake Term 1, 2019 & Term 2, 2019
Date of Ballot 10/12/18 (Monday)
Deadline for Applications 07/12/18 (Friday) 12.00pm
Notification of Outcome 14/12/18 (Friday)
Ballot for intake Term 2, 2019 & Term 3, 2019
Date of Ballot 08/04/2019 (Monday)
Deadline for Applications 05/04/19 (Friday) 12.00pm
Notification of Outcome 13/04/2018 (Friday)
Ballot for intake Term 3, 2019 & Term 4, 2019
Date of Ballot 01/07/2019 (Monday)
Deadline for Applications 28/06/2019 (Friday) 12.00pm
Notification of Outcome 05/07/2019 (Friday)


Please complete and return to the school office prior to the deadline for receipt of applications. more...

Frankton School’s Home Zone 

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