Curriculum: Learning to Learn - Team Organisation

Our local curriculum is based on six cros competency skills, four cross competency atitudes and exposure over a three year timeframe to key understandings that encompass the eight learning areas and their strands, from the New Zealand Curriculum.

Our four cross competency attitudes are:-
-  Curiosity
-  Openness
-  Perseverance
-  Empathy


Our six cross competency skills are:-
-  To find, understand use vocabulary in context
-  To acquire and validate needed information
-  To identify a need or a problem
-  To make an informed decision
-  To create and use relevant questions to guide thinking and gain information
-  To identify and critique statements and arguments

At Frankton School we have four teams:

Entrant - Year 0 / Year 1
Junior -   Year 1 / Year 2  
Middle -   Year 3 / Year 4
Senior -    Year 5 / Year 6

Teachers provide a variety of learning experiences to inspire and motivate students.  Staff have h igh expectations of studnets and work with commitment to support students to achieve to their potential.

Up to date achievement information is used to inform planning and t eaching.  Students with identfied needs and who are at risk of underachieving may receive in-class or external support form our Learning Assistants.

Please feel free tobook an appointment with your child's teacher, regarding any queries or questions you may have.  We also enjoy learning about the things that are going well for your child.

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