Cultural Diversity

Frankton School is bi-cultural within a multi-cultural community.

  • Our policies and procedures will demonstrate our commitment to honouring the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • There will be opportunities for all cultural groups to celebrate their diversity.
  • All cultures within the community will be valued, acknowledged and reflected.
  • Opportunities for families, whaanau and community to be engaged with students learning and achievement are offered.
  • We acknowledge the government commitment to raise student achievement of Maaori and Pasifika students and to monitor all English Language Learners.
  • We maintain a physical environment that reflects the bi and multicultural community.
  • Our virtues programme is based on the simple wisdom of the world’s diverse cultures and religions and is inclusive of all people.
  • Teachers at Frankton School are culturally sensitive and aware.

Our valued Kaumatua Mr Murray Ivory is actively involved in all facets of school life.

In Te Reo Maaori, either a macron or double vowel is used to indicate pronunciation.  Waikato-Tainui use a double vowel therefore Frankton School will use a double vowel rather than a macron when writing Te Reo Maaori.


Potatau Te Wherowhero 
the first King of all Maaori people always emphasised the importance of unity and this belief was embodied by the proclamation of his now famous whakatauaak? (proverb)

‘Kotahi te koohao o te ngira, e kuhuna ai, te miro maa, te miro pango me te miro whero’
There is but one eye of the needle through which white, black and red threads must pass.


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