Collaborative Learning & Teaching

Te Paa Harakeke Tahi (Entrant Team) Entrant/Y1
Te Paa Harakeke Rua (Junior Team) Y1/2
Te Paa Harakeke Toru (Middle Team) Y3/4
Te Paa Harakeke Whaa (Senior Team) Y4/5
  • We have a vision for Frankton School that we would like to offer a range of learning environments for our students - different structures to meet different learning styles.
  • Current thinking and practices around students and teachers working collaboratively support the implementation of the NZ curriculum. (For our young people to be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.)
  • The pathway begins at Early Childhood. Maeroa Intermediate and Fraser High are already starting their journey towards more collaborative learning and teaching.
  • More than one teacher knowing about all the students and seeing their different strengths gives them the opportunity to personalise learning and teaching programmes to meet individual needs.
  • We see this as an opportunity for greater shared responsibility for student learning.
  • Collaboration between teachers means that students have greater access to a range of teacher strengths, knowledge and skills.  
  • Collaboration creates the opportunity for more learning from and with colleagues about students and about teaching and learning.
  • Increased reflection on individual and collective teacher practices leads to an increase in teacher effectiveness.
  • Collaborative learning and teaching will require clear systems and structures to maintain its effectiveness.  As a school we are committed to ensuring that all students at Frankton School are provided with the best opportunities for learning.
  • We currently have two innovative learning environments, Te Pa Harakeke Tahi and Te Pa Harakeke Rua, where teachers work collaboratively. 
  • When using the collaborative learning and teaching model numbers are based on two rooms with two teachers or three rooms with three teachers .
Questions and Answers
  • Who do I go to when I have questions or concerns regarding my child or the classroom? Any of the teachers in the space would be able to help you however as a parent you may feel more comfortable building a relationship with one particular teacher in the space 
  • How can I be assured that all teachers know about my child and the message I leave is passed on to all concerned? Teachers will establish systems to ensure the communication about students is accessed by each teacher or learning assistant in the room.
  • How can you ensure my child will not be lost among the large group?  The teacher child ratio is still the same, guided groups for teaching are still occurring.  

Te Paa Harakeke
has 2 meanings that influenced us when choosing a name for our collaborative environments.
Te Paa Harakeke means the place of harakeke, where harakeke grows.
Whe looking at a harakeke plant the whole plant focusses on nurturing and supporting the new shoot (te rito) or growth.  We liken this growth to the child.
We surround the child to nurture and grow that child within the support systems of Te Paa Harakeke

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