Buddy Classes

Buddy classes provide opportunities for:
- Students to share their learning and next steps.
- Students to prepare for ‘student led conferences’.
- Older students to develop leadership skills.
- Positive regular interaction between different age groups.
- Purposeful communication between different age groups.
- Development of positive attitudes and values between teams.
- Co-operative learning.
- Easier transition when younger students move into the Middle School.
- Support in learning and social situations.
- Homework buddy support.
- Extra support for a student with ‘at risk’ learning difficulties.
- Peer Assessment.

Activities Might Include:
- Shared reading.
- Testing basic sight words/spelling words.
- Presenting a play or poem.
- Sharing writing.
- Learning a new song together.
- Enjoying a special event together.
- Having students help with skills and book presentation.
- Maths/Reading games and activities.
- Outside activities.
- Sharing learning.

Students must be able to:
- Listen
- Think about what they hear.
- Give their buddy time to think.
- Build on their own and each other’s contributions.
- Strive to reach common understandings and agreed conclusions.
- Respect each others viewpoints.

What does it look like?
- Students listening carefully to each other.
- Encouraging each other to participate and share ideas.
- Building on their own and each other’s contributions.
- Striving to reach common understandings and agreed conclusions.
- Respecting each others viewpoints.

What does it sound like?
- “Wow ________ that was great reading today! You remembered that tricky word”.
- “Great work ________ you know 75 of your basic sight words, that is 10 more than last week”.
- “Hey _______ do you think you could remember to sound out those tricky words all by yourself next week?”


Buddy Classes

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